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  1. Hi Silvia,

    We’ve been taking the same MOOC together and it is clear that we have much in common, including living in the NW part of North America. A friend and I drove to Jasper last year and then down to Lake Louise, taking out time to check out as many waterfalls and scenic spots as we could. It was beautiful of course but we had both been there decades before and the changes were remarkable and a little scary.

    Tell me a little about your background and perhaps we can join forces on some environmental project. Right now Seattle is in the throws of dealing with Shell Oil’s big arctic rig parked in Puget Sound. Our Mayor doesn’t want to grant their permit. Thousands of us are protesting and writing our politicians about the stupidity of taking more fossil fuel out of the ground. Coal is another issue here. Selling it to China doesn’t mean the carbon doesn’t go into the global atmosphere. The reductions in U.S. emissions may look good on paper but selling it to another country to burn still means more GHG to warm the planet.

    I don’t write a blog but I do have a web site that focuses on climate and the socioeconomics of sustainability. It is intended to allow the lay person to conduct their own research on those closely intertwined topics.

    W. Douglas (Doug) Smith
    Environmental Scientist
    Senior Compliance Investigator U.S. EPA (retired)
    Editor: The Blue Marble Report ()


  2. Hi Doug, not much to add beyond what’s in this blog and my “Mainstream Permaculture” blog…I’m involved in many small groups and activities, all around community resilience and/or awareness and the focus is on food sovereignty, better use of energy, less stuff, disaster preparedness and the like. My full-time weekday job takes care of the rest, also in the non-profit sector. No much time left for more activism although I support many causes in other ways.


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