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 Your Life Be Your Message”

“In our time of disturbance and radical change, we are crossing a threshold, a portal, or an unseen bridge from one world to another. It could be said that the bridge is either collapsing beneath us, or being made as we walk together, in the long twilight hours when one civilization gives way to another.” ~ Geneen Marie Haugen

We live in times that require us to stay awake and aware, to deeply review assumptions, re-assess  and re-define values, beliefs and behaviours.

Like the caterpillar and the cocoon, we don’t know what the future brings. But we do know, that for us to have a chance as butterflies, we need to actively embrace transformation.

I offer consulting, coaching, facilitation and support services to individuals, households, small businesses, organizations and communities looking for transformation, new beginnings and more ethical and sustainable ways to be in the world.

Focus Areas:

  • Livelihood (Career) and Life Design
  • Goal Setting, Decision-Making, Problem Solving
  • Re-energizing and reconnecting (Reiki and Eco-therapy)
  • Holistic Wellness through applied Eco-psychology
  • Resilience through self-discovery and self-reliance building
  • Social entrepreneurship, new economy alternatives
  • Group facilitation (Work that Reconnects, Awakening the Dreamer, Game Changer)
  • Community groups mission, vision and strategizing

* Contact me for 1-1, group or online sessions

Testimonials from clients:

Thank you so much for your time , energy & insightful knowledge. You’ve opened a few new doors for me and showed me a different way to look at goals, skills, gifts, values & a balanced life.” ~ Austin Ohm, Artist and Educator

Deeply grateful and finding huge value in my recent life-coaching sessions with Silvia Di Blasio. She’s using permaculture design, among other tools, to help me figure out what I really want out of life, and how I’m gonna get there. Support her! follow her! hire her! Maybe she’s got something you’ve been looking for…. ~ Heather Jo Flores, Writer and Artist, Author of “Food Not Lawns” and coach at “Decolonize Yourself”

Silvia is wonderful to work with and a permie (distance is no problem). If you’re seeking any kind of support for your life, check her out!” ~ Anandi P., Permaculturist, Writer, Resilience Activist

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